VIBE’s 2006 Hot Spots

SoAmericaIt is rare that I flip open the pages of VIBE magazine and uncover some really awesome recommended travel destinations. Apparently the four 2006 hot spot package is a first time feature for the magazine and writers Casey Woods, Tom Masters, Corey Takahashi, and Carina Ray did a fine job in unveiling some very offbeat vacation ideas in London, Ghana, Suriname and Little Haiti. Turning most of my attention to the two page piece on Suriname, covered by amazing photos of forest just outside of Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname and the Djuka people that reside in the country, a trip to the country seems almost necessary. When the writer describes the capital city as part Amsterdam and part South Beach my curiosity certainly hits an all time high for the Dutch speaking country lost by somewhat well-known countries Guyana, Guiana and very well-known, tourist trampled Brazil. Recommended places to crash while visiting Suriname include Hotel & Casino Torarica and Guesthouse Albergo Alberga. Dining spots include Indisch Restaurant Sarinah and Restaurant Dumpling #1. Sadly the article isn’t online, but you can pick up VIBE on almost any newsstand or if you’ve heard enough skip right over to this Suriname tourism site.