I saw this over at Gothamist and couldn’t help post about it. I may  even go check it out. Might
make for a funny piece. Of course, everyone knows of the Iditarod. No? Well, where have you been living? Oh…you’ve
been in Mongolia? that’s cool. I hear the golfing is great there. OK. I understand then.

Well, then let me
explain. You see, the Iditarod is a long, long, long dog sled race they do in
Alaska. It attracts only the heartiest souls who push themselves to the extreme by racing day after day night after
night through brutally cold weather and some of the harshest conditions imaginable. The idiotarod has nothing to do
with any of that. The idiotarod is pure New York…or Brooklyn rather. At the idiotarod people replace dogs, shopping
carts replace sleds, and New York City replaces Alaska. And my guess is that fortitude is replaced with beer.

So anyway, this is the third annual idiotarod, and it takes places on January 28. It starts in Brooklyn, goes into
Manhattan, and ends after five miles of grueling….well, occasionally taxing, cart pushing. All good fun. More
Check here.