Ski Cheaper

Guess I’ve got skiing on the brain. I’ve been posting a lot
about skiinig lately. maybe part of the problem is that I’ve been living in New York City now for six years, and
getting out of the city to ski is so damn hard. But when I was living in Seatle and Colorado, well, I skied all the
time. I even worked at Squaw Valley for a winter way back when. Well, the good folks over at National Geographic Traveler magazine have a piece on how you
can cut your ski-trip expenses. Always a good idea .

What do they suggest?

First, take a look at cheaper
booking opportunities in what is called the "hidden low season"…that is, January to mid-February, after the
Christmas/New Year blowout and before winter break. With the exception of Martin Luther King weekend, you can get deals
up to 25% lower. Then consider spring skiing when rates come down but you can still get some dynamite freshie.
According to the piece  Alta had 77 inches of snow in April. 

Book your condos with friensd or
other groups.Even poeple you can find online at Craigslist or such. You can drop your room mate significantly..and even
make a few new fiends….um, friends.

Next, buy yourself those multiday and early-purchase lift tickets.
These can reduce your daily ski cost significantly. And fnially what about Canada! Canadian ski destinations can be
much cheaper (and some are not) because the exchange rate is lower. Take a look here for some ideas.