Suwol Sunset Sky Festival

Little is said about
the Suwol Sunset Sky festival, but enough is noted
to make it part of your itinerary if traveling to Korea this year. The main events include an opening ceremony equipped
with percussion instruments and four farmers who play them. A Suwol song contest and parade of ships on the sea are
also part of the experience, one that only happens every two years. Other events will include a sunset photo
exhibition, sketch and kite flying contest. With any and most festivals there will be food and I’m sure this alone will
provide you with the perfect opportunity to use today’s word during your trip. Suwol Sunset Sky festival is scheduled to
take place in August 2006. Further details can be found here. From the looks it doesn’t come across as a very
tourist driven place or event so if off-the-beaten track is your trip theme, really do consider this one. And besides,
nothing beats watching a spectacular sunset in foreign lands.