Lonely Planet Adds Advertisements

I can’t help
mentioning this. It won’t help you in your travel planning at all or perhaps it might depending on the kind of advertising that will soon come to Lonely Planet’s
website, but I thought it was too funny. Last night when I was looking up some information on the African country
Malawi I couldn’t help but notice this hilarious picture of this older gentleman with oddly shaped bifocals. "What
on Earth?’" I thought to myself. Of course the text sparked some amount curiosity. And before I knew it I wanted to
know what will feel strange? I clicked away from my Malawi reading to find the site will be adding advertising to their
pages, but will keep all physical guidebooks free from obnoxious and intrusive ads. That’s not to say the ones featured
on the website will be just that, but if they are anything like this one bringing attention to this new website addition
I’ll probably be spending more time viewing advertisements than the travel-related content found on LP. Just thought I’d
share a brief moment of giggle gut I received from one of our fav travel publishers.

Oh, and P.S. – There
will be absolutely NO POP-UPS.