Ski and Snowboard Thefts Rising

Man, this would really drive me nuts. Really, I would go
medieval on someone who ripped off my snowboard while I was in, say, getting lunch at a ski resort. I’ve heard of
this happening before, and you’re always aware there is a possibility that someone’s gonna snake your stuff, but you
always sort of trust that humans are not so bad.

BTW: what we used to do with skis all the time is split
them up. That is, if you’re skiing with a buddy, you trade one of your skis for one of his, and then stick the
mis-matched pairs in the snow apart from one another.

People are unlikely to steal a mismatched pair of
skis. Anyway, I bring all this up because it looks like snowboard and ski thefts are on the rise this year. So this is just a bit
of a heads up: do the split ski thing or maybe invest in a little chain lock for your board. Yes, Veronica, there are
thieves out there.