STA Travel's Blue Ticket

Young travelers under the age of 26 will be happy to know STA Travel continues to have their backs in finding
ways to keep more spending money in their pockets while spring breakin’. Coming Tuesday, February 7, 2006 the agency
and Virgin
will be introducing Bluesday, a 2 for 1 ticket deal
to London. Yeah, yeah, I know London isn’t the typical spring break destination, but that really depends on what you’re
looking for and two for one deals shouldn’t be missed. Though maximum flexibility and more bang for the buck are two
advertised features about Blue, much about the Blue Ticket deal still remains a mystery in terms of additional
locations offered and the ridiculously tiny small print you’ll need to read. Overall this sounds like a good bargain
and I’m sure you’ll be wantin’ to call STA for the skinny, 1.800.781.4040.