24 Goofs

always get a little pissed off when I run across inaccuracies on television or in a movie. I get even more so when
something is glaring wrong.  How much are these writers paid to continually make mistakes in their product? 
Haven’t they ever heard of research?

This is why I was particularly distraught last night while viewing 24
24 is one of the few shows I regularly watch.  It is normally very well thought-out, full of surprises, and
entertaining to boot.  But last night I simply had to cringe.

It seems that terrorists had stolen some nerve gas and put the canisters on a cargo ship heading for Central Asia.  A cargo ship to Central Asia?!?!?  Excuse
me but last time I checked a map,
Central Asia was completely landlocked.  Sure, there is the Caspian Sea bordering Turkmenistan, but ocean-going
cargo ships could only reach that body of water if they sprouted legs and skipped their way across the Iranian
desert.  It would be like taking a Carnival Cruise Line to Wyoming. 

Shame on you Jack Bauer!  How disappointing!