Last Explorer?

It’s so very rare these days to consider anyone a true “explorer.”  I mean really, what is there left to explore in this Starbucks infested world?  Hasn’t everything been discovered already?

Tell this to Ian Baker and he would vehemently disagree. 

While in Katmandu, Baker heard stories about a mystic waterfall hidden deep in a Tibetan valley that was virtually unknown to the outside world.  In true explorer fashion, he spent the next 15 years researching its possible location and mounting various expeditions to locate the hidden falls.  In the time honored tradition of all great explorers, Baker has written a book detailing this search. 

The Heart of the World: A Journey to the Last Secret Place, has all the ingredients necessary for any grand adventure: blood-sucking leeches, impenetrable jungles, Chinese bureaucrats, fraternizing with the natives, and the eventual discovery of what is being searched for. 

Pick up a copy today and read it down at your local Starbucks.