World Ice Art Championships

is it about these ice sculpting championships? Seems like they’re cropping up everywhere. Well, everywhere it’s
cold…although my guess is they might have one in Dubai or something.

If ice sculpting is your thing,
hey, we’ve got the travel event for you. The next big contest is coming to Fairbanks, Alaska, where artists from over
30 countries will go on February 28 to carve, sculpt and perhaps lick sculptures of everything from gargoyles to busts
of Marilyn Monroe…if previous contests are any indicator of such things. The 2006 World Ice Art Championshis take place in
The ice for the
contest (for those who love trivial detail) is harvested from O’Grady Pond and is "recognized internationally for
its exceptional clarity and thick consistency that allows for superior ice sculpting."

So, yes, if ice
sculpting is your thing (and once again, I am reminded of a scene from the film Goundhog Day…man, that’s twice in two
days) this could be your big event.