Miami Vice Ventilator Shoe

I look at this shoe and don’t know what to
think. Is it cool or just plain goofy? Depending on the nature of your travels Reebok’s Miami Vice Ventilator shoe wouldn’t
be my first recommendation for your trail hikes. Let’s face this one screams fashion (I think) over functionality. I’ve
never owned a Reebok shoe in my entire life so I can’t say whether they are cozy or comforting to the feet, but the
little palm trees on the back of the baby blue are rather nifty. Anyhow, this photo is an exclusive to Cool Hunting who reports 150
pairs of the shoe have traveled from Japan to New York for an exclusive pre-release of the limited edition sneaker.
Apparently it’s Fashion Week in the Big Apple so if NYC is your final destination then why not pick up a pair? I know
several people who go the distance for limited edition items of all sorts. Go to Cool Hunting to find out where these
Japanese imports are hiding.