Rembrandt's Sweet 400th

has been a lot of press lately about Mozart’s
250th birthday and all the events planned in Austria to celebrate

There is, however, someone else’s milestone birthday being celebrated in 2006 which doesn’t seem to be
getting as much attention; the old Dutch master himself, Rembrandt.

Like Austria, Holland is also embracing their favorite local-boy-makes-good
and planning all sorts of festivities throughout the
year to ring in his 400th birthday.   Although the celebration doesn’t appear to be as sexy as
Mozart’s (that’s what happens when you opt for a career in painting as opposed to music), there are
still some fantastic
exhibitions planned

In addition to some of the finest collections of Rembrandt art ever collected in a single location (which is worth
a trip to Amsterdam on its very own), the celebrations also include Rembrandt, the Musical, an exhibition on the Jewish
Rembrandt, Rembrandt Bible etchings, various tours of Amsterdam locations important in his life, and even a showing of
some 600 personal documents that include his baptism record, bankruptcy proceedings, and various financial
contracts—not terribly interesting, I suppose, unless you happen to read Dutch. 

Given the option between Mozart’s party and Rembrandt’s, I think Mozart’s has far more to
offer.  But don’t let this turn you off.  Europe is small and partygoers should be able to hit both
events easily enough.