Montreal Ice Bar on the Rocks

When most
drinkers go in search of “a nice cold one,” they are usually referring to the drink itself, not the
bar.  But in Montreal, high atop the Place d’Armes Hotel, lovers of
the frigid can indeed find a nice cold one—a bar, that is. 

Last month, the hotel opened Sub Zero, an
appropriately named rooftop bar made
of 75,000 pounds of ice
.  Seats, stools, two bars, and 50 different sculptures have all been carved completely
out of ice for the, um, comfort of the bar’s patrons.  Vodka is served in glasses made of ice, and
undoubtedly consumed in quantities massive enough to stave off the city’s infamous, sub-zero winter

Hmmm… vodka, freezing temperatures, rooftop bar, slippery ice…  Is it just me, or does this sound
like the perfect recipe for disaster?  Or at least a lawsuit. 

Nonetheless, hats off to the Canadians for finding a way to make their inhospitable winters a bit more
hospital.  Er… I mean hospitable