Solving Nasty Toothbrush Germs

traveling in strange lands, I’m always careful to brush my teeth with bottled water to avoid the nasty germs so
often found in tap water throughout the world.  When I’m done, I slip the head of my toothbrush into my
handy little toothbrush holder.  This protects it from germs while en route to my destination, and also
while it sits unguarded in some divey hotel bathroom. 

What I didn’t realize until recently, however, was that the interior of my toothbrush holder, which
I’ve had now for a couple of years, is an unholy breeding ground of viral nastiness.  I peeked into it the
other day and noticed a moldy residue which had taken up residence, no doubt the festering byproduct of whatever muck I
had scraped off my teeth in the Cook Islands, Tbilisi, Berlin, Moscow, a bachelor party in Vegas, and wherever else I
have ventured with my toothbrush in the last couple of years. 

It was therefore with much relief that I came across a brilliantly simple solution: the Walkabout Travel Gear Antibacterial Toothbrush Cap.  This
wonderful little invention actually has an “antibacterial agent embedded in the plastic” which will
hopefully kill off whatever creepy-crawlies have prevailed against my oral hygiene and made themselves comfortably at

For only $2 a pop, I’m going to order a whole lot of them.  No more trekking home with avian flu or
whooping cough for me!