Sarajevo in the NY Times

Yesterday the, New York
ran a piece on an eerie, yet hopeful and emerging Sarajevo. This photo
of the Sehidska Cemetery overlooks the city and even seems to work its way down winding its markers around into
Sarajevo. The cemetery holds the graves of soldiers killed in the 1992-1995 war where some 11,000 were murdered in an
effort by Serb nationalists to create and ethnically pure country out of the former Yugoslavia. Prepared or not,
Christopher Solomon takes us on strolls through Sarajevo streets where the most "appalling shellings" took
place, to rebounding mountain of Bjelasnica where the 1984 Olympics put Sararjevo on the map and nightclubs where an
ex-Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) performs turbofolk igniting crowds of young people to sing and dance. The piece is
haunting, filled with surprises, mixed of emotions and heavy. For the history buff and ski fanatic, Bjelasnica is
probably calling while for the rest of us the five page online piece will have been enough exploration of Sarajevo.
Myself included – at least for now. If planning travel to the area you’ll surely want to check this article out.