Word for the Travel Wise (02/06/06)

There’s always something exciting about airlines opening and renewing operations to far away lands, bridging the gap and lessening the number of flight changes for potential visitors. Least I think so. Israeli Tourism Minister Avraham Hirchson and Delta’s Chief Executive Officer Gerald Grinstein agreed Delta Air Lines will renew flights to Israel beginning Spring 2006. A lot is actually happening behind the scenes to get tourists into the country. Not long ago the ministers of tourism of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority met for the first time ever to promote tourism in the area. If this act of good will isn’t convincing enough for you head over to the Go Israel site to scope out the incredible coupon deals they have for 2006.

Today’s word is a Hebrew word used in Israel:

shalom – hello, goodbye

One of the most useful and easiest words you’ll want to know and many probably already know. For a short list of the very basics in Hebrew check out Israel Visit. Jewfaq.org has a clear and excellent guide to the alphabet, pronunciation, styles of writing, fonts and word processors. ZigZag World provides learning materials at a level for children and beginning adults. Lots of pictures! Hebrew Online is bot a free service, but allows you to learn through video-conferencing technology to communicate live with professional Israeli Hebrew teachers. Before paying anything they allow you to sign up for two trail lessons. Ancient Hebrew is a thorough site on people, language, culture with additional links and learning resources.