Pro Bowl Weekend

Now that the Super Bowl has come and
gone it is time to shift our attention away from frigid Detroit to warm Hawaiian weather. That’s right it’s Pro Bowl time at the Aloha Stadium this coming weekend, February 12, 2006! Before
the AFC and NFC All-Stars duke it out in a fun finale of the NFL season see what’s going on this week before the game.
If you happen to be vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii during this incredible time spend a few days at the stadium watching
the teams practice or take the family to Kapiolani Park on Friday, Feb. 10 for the Pro Bowl Football Festival.
Entertainment, games, souvenirs, and autograph signings will take place from 12-6 PM and admission is free. Other
events include a cool Sunset on the Beach event where a football movie is shown at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki. This could
be a great way to soak in the sport and spend some pre-V-day quality time with your sweetie who may or may not be as
wild about the game as you are. For the full event schedule click