One for the Road: How to Sh*t Around the World

We haven’t done a One for the road feature in a
while, so I figured I’d offer one for all our avid readers out there. Here’s a book that I just stumbled upon while
perusing the Traveler’s tales site and found quite curious.

The book is called How to Sh*t Around the World, The Art of Staying Clean and
Healthy while Traveling (asterisk added). Written by noted feces expert Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth, the book takes you
around the world in eighty bowel movements, and explores one of the most basic human activities, offering sensible tips
and techniques for how to relieve yourself in various situations.

Actually the book appears to be more about
other travelers and their, um, experiences. But you also get help on how to avoid some of exotic traveling’s more
miserable experiences such as diarrhea, parasites, malaria, typhoid, and hepatitis, all of whch have been known to ruin
a good trip. What are others saying about the book? Well Budget Travel calls it "Worth digesting", by whch I
assume they are saying it’s not crap.