Snow in the Desert

You think of the great accomplishments of man:
curing polio and decoding the genome, landing on the moon, Ulysses, Pop Rocks. And then you see something like this and
you ask yourself whether it qualifies as a great human accomplishment, or whether its falls under a more suspicious
category of quintessential human folly.

I’m talking about the idea, nay the reality, of building a ski area in the desert.
We’ve blogged about this a couple of times before, but I was thinking about it this morning and an interesting question
occurred to me. But first, the facts: In Dubai, one of the world’s riches, oil-soaked Sheikdoms/Emirates/etc.,
conspicuous consumption has reached such unfathomable heights that they have put permanent snow where once there was
only sand. Here’s something for the religiously-inclined among you to ponder:

Could such an act as
building a ski area where He put a desert be in any way construed as defiance of God’s will? Just food for
thought on this Thursday morning.