Africa Travel: Cote d’Ivoire

Traveling all the way to Africa to only check out a hotel seems almost foolish. Beyond ridiculous in my book. Anyone with a ticket in hand for Cote d’Ivoire is probably headed to the country for much more than a stay at Hotel Ivoire, but the digs also make travel pages as one of the more notable attractions. Located in Abidjan, Hotel Ivoire is the home to a skating rink, casino, bowling alley, movie theater, tennis courts, and grocery store. If comfort is your main concern and you rather do indoor activities over culture-seeking stick to the hotel otherwise hit the streets for ‘Afropean’ flavor and more.

Other sites in Abidjan include the Treichville Market where the country’s 60 ethnic groups sell handmade goods and various other trinkets. A quick trip through Cocody, a neighborhood full of expensive homes and gardens will allow one  the opportunity to explore how the middle-class lives. Otherwise take it to Yamoussoukro for the chance to see the Basilique de Notre Dame la Paix, a copy of the St. Peter’s in Rome. According to Lonely Planet the capital city is also known for its deserted eight lane highways which run straight into the jungle. While mixing the modern things with nature, be it intentionally or not has never been best for wildlife something about that setting seems quite interesting. All-in-all Cote d’Ivoire seems to be the perfect bet for eclectic sites and cozy nights.