Fossett Halfway There

Keeping tabs on our man in the sky Steve Fossett, we’ve
been following the
adventure closely, and figured we’d give an update abot his progress. As of late yesterday Fossett had reached Japan,
said to be the midway point for his epic and world-record setting flight around the world in 80 hours. The trip has not
been without it’s turbulence….literally. His experimental extremely light-weight plane hit a patch of rough air over
India, but he kept on pushing through and is said to be riding the Western Pacific jet streams as I write this. He has
had some other fuel issues,  including a supposed leak at takeoff, but his team says that he would have 500 pounds
to 1,000 pounds of fuel remaining when he lands at cape Canaveral, um, I mean the Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday.
Very cool. You go, Steve! By the way, I’d like to add, that I actually met Fossett a year and a half ago at the
Explorer’s Club dinner. A very nice gentleman.