Punk Rocker's Gem of Travel Wisdom

I just
came across one of the most wonderful travel quotes I’ve seen in a while, and it came from a most unexpected
source: punk rock pioneer, Henry Rollins.  The former front man for Black Flag is
featured in the March issue of National Geographic

The very short Q&A interview (not online, sorry) focuses on his recent travels with the United Service
Organizations.  Yes, this is the same USO which sent the likes of Bob Hope and the Lemon Sisters to entertain
American troops abroad.  Soldiers have changed over the years, however, and so have their tastes—thus the
reason Rollins finds himself spending a lot of time in Iraq and Afghanistan these days and Phyllis Diller, bless her
heart, finds herself at home.

But Rollins isn’t just a tourist when he leaves the country—USO sponsored trips or otherwise.  No,
Rollins is a traveler.  I’ve heard many people try to differentiate between tourist and
traveler, but none have managed to accomplish it as well as Rollins did in his Adventure

“The traveler doesn’t know where he’s going, and the tourist doesn’t know where he

Doesn’t that just capture it perfectly? 

Hats off to Mr. Henry Rollins for nailing this on the head.  God knows we’ve all tried to to it before.