Africa Travel: Equatorial Guinea

MapInformation on Equatorial Guinea is scarce, but what’s out there makes the country seem worth visiting. Sorta. If you’re the real big adventure type who takes greatest pleasure in being one of the only tourists in around you’ll probably fit well here. The country is located in western Africa between Cameroon and Gabon and borders the Bight of Biafra. As far as LP is concerned the only attractions on Equatorial Guinea are the beaches and the bars. Look for volcanic views on tourist friendly Malabo not museums. Equatorial Guinea is the only country in Africa who has Spanish as an official language and Malabo embraces the influence.

One note I found interesting comes from the pages of World 66 which says the country’s government does not accept or acknowledge the presence of AIDS in the country and that it is an offence to have an AIDS test. This particular contributor to the World 66 guide on Equatorial Guinea also claims that a unnamed doctor estimates some 80% of the African girls in Malabo to be infected. Should all that be true it could be very vital information if searching for love or a one-time island fling while they’re there.