Africa Travel: Eritrea

When Travel & Leisure put Eritrea on blast late 2004 I was so frightened for the recovering country. The wars that once tore throughout Eritrea appear to be done and gone for now and it is only a matter of time before something of a good bad nature starts tearing through. Tourists. While my fright is purely out of selfish reasons with fears that I’ll be the last off the bus herding thirsty travelers into the Horn of Africa.

Eritrea is an east African country mixed with amazing landscapes and Italian influences which can be seen in the architecture of both Muslim and Christian landmarks. Towards the coast one will find Dahlak archipelago, an island group made of two large and 124 small islands in the Red Sea off of Massawa. Within the warm waters are colorful fish and live coral best seen while snorkeling and diving in the area. Travel Adventures dot org covers the country in a great display of photos and stories, better than many others I have previously seen. If you’ve never given much thought to visiting this particular African country it could very well be time to start tuning in before the stampeding tourists actually do arrive. Since reading the T&L story sometime ago I haven’t many other big stories on the area, which tells me my worries have gotten the best of me. Now it’s just a matter of purchasing a ticket of my own.