Africa Travel: Gambia

The little sliver of
Africa called Gambia could easily be missed by
those with their attention on Africa’s larger countries, but should be highly considered if searching for some of
lesser explored routes on the continent. Situated in western Africa off the North Atlantic Ocean, between Senegal
Gambia looks a lot like a snake on the map and offers the chance to see some of the more rare African wildlife at the
Abuko Nature Reserve. The reserve
is a treat like none other due to its ease of getting to and diversity in animal and vegetation to name a few.

Curious about the croc pictured above and where you might be able to catch a glimpse of one yourself? Kachikaly
Crocodile Pool is located in Serekunda, the unofficial capital of the country and is considered a scared pool with
fertility and healing powers. The pool of tamed crocs is under the watchful eye of the Bojang Clan in addition to the
botanical garden. World Travel Tips has a
short informational piece on Gambia to help prepare for your travels to the pool, reserve, beach, or bustling market
places. If the country just found its way onto your list of future trip picks check out the Gambia Tourism site as well.

(Photo: Ariadne
Van Zandbergen