Free Tickets on Ryanair: Get ’em while they’re Hot!

How does free sound?  Is free good for you?

Budget airline Ryanair has just announced they are giving away three million free tickets-well, free “exclusive of taxes fees & charges which do not exceed £15.20.”

Some bad publicity for Ryanair from an English television program accusing them of security and safety lapses, is great news for travelers concerned more about a getting a great deal than, perhaps, their own personal safety. 

Although Ryanair is challenging the report, we all know how fast a bitter taste can develop amongst the public.  To ward off any bad feelings before they could arise, Ryanair responded almost immediately with the sale of “zero fare” tickets to at lest 90 locations throughout Europe. 

But act quickly if you want to take advantage of them.  Zero Fare tickets will only be sold until midnight, February 16.