Word for the Travel Wise (02/15/06)

With Brazil being a somewhat close neighbor to Trinidad and preparing for their big Carnaval celebrations as well I figured I’d revisit the country and their language for a short moment. Last time I pointed out a rather silly word which could be useful, but was suggested by one of the readers that adults not use the word. Today our lesson plan includes something you’ll all want to know and use during your stay on the warm sunny beaches in the South American country.

Today’s word is a Portuguese word used in Brazil:

bronzeador or protector solar – sunscreen

In your last minute shuffle to get everything into your beach bag for a quick sun-session with your best gal pals you mistakenly forgot the most important item on the hotel bed. The sunscreen. Forgetting the obvious has happened to us all at one point or another and instead of turning all the way around to fetch your ‘bronzeador’ or sunscreen you can easily replace the item at any beach side shop. The packaging shouldn’t be to hard to decipher, but if you’re looking for a way to strike up some convo with the hottie behind the register you could ask for the store location of the bottle. If you’re bold and brave you could even invite him along on his break to help get those hard to reach areas.

Easy Portuguese
online offers a small dictionary of useful words, useful phrases, and a couple of short lessons to get you started. Most have audio clips including our word for the day found here. Portuguese Language dot net has excellent historical info on the language and numerous tools to help you get motivated and be successful at learning the 6th most spoken language. Those interested in classroom study abroad can click here for more info at Franco Americano.

Past Portuguese words: xixi