Cell Phones: Information on the Go

The problem with the web and its infinite knowledge base is that it isn’t always portable.  But cell
phones are, and almost everyone has one.

As a result Google, Yahoo, and a new player called 4INFO are
racing to turn your cell phones into portable information hubs for the traveler on the go.  A great, but short
in the February issue of Budget Travel summarizes the neat
new tricks that are now available in America, and in the future, a country near you.

For example, text message “w Portland” to any of the three companies and you get back a five day
weather forecast.  Text “t friend to Spanish” to Google (GOOGL or 46645) and Google responds back with
amigo, the translation for friend. 

Similar text messaging services, all of which are free, can tell you exchange rates, flight updates, directions,
phone numbers, local WiFi spots and more.  Click on any of the links above for a more detailed explanation of
services offered.