Pen Your Crazy Travel Tale, Win a Trip

Remember that time you were on the island in Thailand just hanging out, maybe doing a little diving, and
you ran into the islander at the local bar who told you about this "hidden place" on the other side of the
island. So you hired a tuk tuk to take you over there only to discover a personal paradise where you and your
girlfriend frolicked for hours? A cerulean lagoon, deliciously sweet fruits growing on trees in abundance, a friendly
monkey. Then the shaman turned up from out of the jungle and offered you a coconut shell with a "special
drink" and the next thing you knew a week had passed and you’d been living in a hut with a family of islanders,
learning the language, local customs and how to kill your own dinner? Well, that’s a story that must be told. Your
personal journals are not enough to hold such an adventure.

Well, now you can tell your story, and possibly
win a trip to Australia to boot. Over at Budget Travel, they are
holding a contest
called True Stories
, taking submissions from average joe’s who have amazing travel tales to tell. The winner that
is chosen among submissions will win a pair of Aussie AirPasses from Qantas. These passes includes economy-class
flights from San Francisco to Sydney, and then you fly on to Melbourne and Brisbane, and back to the U.S.A. The trip
will be valid from May 1, 2006, through April 30, 2007, so LOTS of time to get off work and head to the land Down
Under. But you have to get the story in quick: the deadline is February 28. Want to learn more? Read the full