Trinidad & Tobago Dispatch 2: Club Zen

To ensure that I am well prepared for Carnival and my stamina built up, my friends took me to one of Trinidad’s most popular night spots for a long night of dancing and entertainment from Destra Garcia (the Queen of Soca). I’m not your out on the streets, into the club, shake your body body every night kind of girl and club reviews aren’t my usual cup of tea, but since I’ll be doing a lot of partying here on the island I’m sure we’ll all adjust accordingly. For the record when I do go out, good times are bound to be had and that is exactly what I found and had at Club Zen.

From the exterior one can hear the pulsating Soca tunes from the inside flowing lightly onto the streets. Security eyes pleasure seekers carefully and performs a quick body search on the men while women gain stares that could burn holes through their attire. After the brief experience up front the music instantly moves you to a jammed dance floor with people eagerly awaiting Destra’s performance and a few others who have let loose and started dancing. Ten minutes inside the club and two drinks later I started feeling quite irie, but before taking off onto the dance floor myself I took note of the gorgeous population of men and women that make up the island’s locals. Way too many beautiful faces under one huge club structure. While there were only two levels open I’m told there are more, though looking towards the roof  it didn’t appear that there ever was or could be. Perhaps I just need my eyes checked or was it my drinks? The Asian-inspired atmosphere was complete with red-orange colored lights glowing from the walls and the occasional flickering light above. You know the one built to either give you a pounding headache or to help the non-dancers appear as if they are dancing.

Since we had arrived fashionably late we only waited for about an hour for Destra to hit the stage and from that point the entire crowd exploded. Of all the places and clubs I’ve been to in my lifetime the energy of the people in Trinidad’s is unrivaled by all. Jump, wave, wine and repeat a number of times. Now you’ve got the basic formula to come alive and have a guaranteed good time. Confetti pours from the ceiling clinging to the dancing and sweaty bodies. Balloons fall shortly after with waving hands bouncing them around the crowd. Destra promises to unleash the ‘bacchanal’ next week during Carnival and the people go crazy. Though there may have been a number of other fetes happening on the island or in the world that night, the only one that mattered that night was at Club Zen.

Club Zen is located on Keate Street in Port-of-Spain. Check in advance for admission prices as they may vary. For past Zen photos check out these galleries from TriniScene and Kadooment.