Panos in the Sky

By now folks here are probably
pretty weary of hearing…uh, reading…me extol the virtues of panoramic photography. What can I say? I’m a nut for
them. I think when done correctly, the pano image offers such an unusual and interesting perspective on a

And when done in a documentary way, which I have to say very few people have
been able to pull off, well, whole stories can be told with a single image. See some of the Washington Post’s pano
images to see what I mean. Or take a look at this one I shot
at the ghats in

Well, shooting panos from a
helicopter is an approach I had never heard of before, but this site offers
exactly that
, and the results are rather extraordinary. Ed Fink is the pano photographer in the sky. The shots here
are varied, but for the most part all are quite good. From shots of post-Katrina New
(which were shot for the Post) to the Mall of America, they offer a really cool view of
places most people never get to see from the sky. There are also some regular old shots from places like Deadwood and St. Paul. The only problem I have with some of  them
is that some have really hokey music attached, so be warned and/or turn your volume down.