Africa Travel: Namibia

Namibia is a South African country bordering the South Atlantic Ocean between Angola and South Africa. The complex shaped, wind swept sand dunes found in country look so perfect and painted it’s almost eerie. I’m pretty sure I mentioned them before or the country’s Skeleton Coast known from tales of shipwrecked vessels and lost sailors wandering for miles in search for water, if only a drop and food to keep them from falling faint. After days without even a crumb lost men disappear, hungry desert animals come along, and I’m sure you can gather the rest. The Namib desert is one of the world’s oldest and driest deserts on Earth and while a shipwreck hasn’t been reported in some time there are other reasons to visit this vast barren landscape. Take to the skies on a fly-in safari to cover a large amount of the desert coast in a short amount of time or you can roam around by foot for a closer look should you have the stamina and verses the funds for an expensive plane ride.

There are a number of ways and reasons to visit the land and sand of Namibia. My first suggestion is through these two photo galleries. The first comes from Courtney Milne’s travels and the other from Culture Focus. For extra first-hand tales in Namibia visit Calvin and Sharon’s Africa Travel blog. If luxury on the coast is still of interest pop into the Skeleton Coast Camp for what looks like a very nice place to crash after your day-time safari. Unlike some of the previously mentioned African countries, a Google search on Namibia will generate several results. So happy travels and remember to take lots of water.