Q&A Richard Branson

Alas, I wish I could say that we did this Q&A with
British gazzillionaire
and airline/music/cell phone/etc. magnate Richard Branson, but the Budget travel folks got
to him first. Still, the brief interview sheds some light on Branson’s habits and peccadilloes that will satisfy
fawning Branson-watchers like myself. Branson is a big-time traveler, even if he doesn’t quite travel like the rest of
us…that is, he’s more likely than not sipping champagne aboard his private jet. But we do learn than Sir Richard
not only likes the work of Bill Bryson (and who doesn’t?) but is also planning to be one of the first passengers aboard
his own Virgin Galactic flight into space. I plan to make the trip into space as well…probably paying for it with the
first million I make blogging.