Word for the Travel Wise (02/23/06)

FranceFlagMy friend’s friend here in Trinidad has been showing me one hell of a good time in the country so far and it is my hopes that things will continue to move in such fashion. Laughter, drinks, dancing, and limin’ on the beach which is soon to come in Tobago. Tonight we’re headed out to a pan yard lime organized by a group of international and local friend’s of hers who all happen to speak French. She teaches French here in Trinidad so it’s not surprising she’d know almost all French speaking persons residing on the island, but now I’m a little concerned about this trip. Will I be subject to bus loads of French speaking persons all interested in pan, but refusing to share that same interest with non-French speaking Adrienne? Of course not. Please do not mistake this for bad-mouthing the French language, but anyone who knows me well enough knows it doesn’t agree with me. I’ve tried – sort of.

Today’s word is a French word used in France:

difficile – complicated

Now I can’t help laughing aloud when giving this word. For starters I’m teaching you French after I just placed my own language incapability out on the table and secondly because a French speaking friend of mine most recently referred to me as a complicated person. Whether the last is true or not, I do find French complicated to learn. I think it’s the gender thing. Anyhow… free online sources include France-Pub, French Assistant, and the BBC Languages.

Past French words: confiture