Word for the Travel Wise (02/26/06)

My brain’s a little toasted today so I’m going to make class time short today as we delve into the world of foreign language. Out of my grab bag comes a word to describe today as it is described in India. A day your flight could either land or depart from the lands or a day where you choose to meet with friends for some delicious curry goat and conversation at dinner – whatever the case you’ll find this word highly useful in making arrangements if broken Hindi is how you should choose to do so.

Today’s word is a Hindi word from India:

Ravivar – Sunday

The Hindu days of the week are ruled by a planet and correspond to ancient cultures in the West. For instance, the word for Sunday would mean ‘Lord of the Sun’s day.’ Wikitravel Phrasebook provides some great background information on the days of the week in addition to many useful phrases to remember for your journey. There are several awesome resources online to learn Hindi for free and a fee. Let’s Learn Hindi is a colorful place to pick up the basics and some additional tools. Those interested in reading Sanskrit can click here and Pimsleur has great audio books. To purchase a Lonely Planet phrasebook for the road, click here to head to Amazon.

Past Hindi words: pankhaa