A Few Complaints About Airports

I’m sitting in Detroit Airport waiting for a flight back to New York, and have got a bit of a bee in my bonnet. Now, I’m
sure I could chalk up my irritation to the second grande coffee I just consumed, but there are also viable concerns here
that I feel ought in some way to be addressed by the folks that run airports.

1. Food: how is it that food is
so damn expensive in airports? As Jerry Seinfeld said once: Don’t these people know what things cost in the real world?
I mean, $5 for a bad hamburger? What’s up with that?

2. Getting around. Why is it that some airports allow
you to get around very easily while others impose the undue burden of boarding/riding trams and/or creating vast
numbers of awful/crowded escalators that you have to navigate? Aren’t airports pretty much all built on a flat piece of
land that could easily be used as a template for all well-functioning airports? I’m no architect, and I understand that
some airports are going to be more busy than others, but I don’t understand how the layouts of some airports can be so
horribly inefficient.