Carnival Panos

fans, I have a treat for you. We’ve blogged a bit about Carnival here, writing about how great the party is pretty much
n matter where you go. My preference, even though I can’t say I’ve been to Carnivals all over the world, is the Bahian
version in Salvador, Brazil, which attracts millions of revelers and yet maintains a distinct, less commercial vibe.
But words have a hard time conveying how rich and colorful a Carnival celebration can be. Video is fine, but what about
panoramic photographs of the QTVR variety?

Well, check out this amazing shot and another that really put you there.  Shot in Rio and
accompanied by the sound of drums and music and crowd noise, I found these pics really cool. Of course I am very partial
to panoramic photography, but I think everyone will find these immersive photos pretty neat.