Richard Bangs in Panama

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Richard Bangs online program Adventures yet, it’s time you do so. I blogged about the program a while back
when it was brand-spanking new, but they’ve since done three full episodes, all of which make for wonderful lunchtime
watching. There was a piece in the news today about whether Yahoo is committed to doing original content, (accompanied,
of course, by all sorts of rumors about what’s going to happen to Lloyd Braun, their content chief), but given the
pioneering efforts behind this program, I really hope they stick to it.

Anyway, one reason I haven’t
mentioned these programs until now is that I can’t seem to get the video on my system at work…my computer just sits
there when I try to load the show…but I get all other video just fine…so listen up Yahoo! But I spent
some time watching the series last night and was impressed.

There are still aspects to the video production
that to me seem amateurish and disconnected, but maybe that’s the look they’re after…or they just need a better
editor. Also, the navigation is confusing, with clips grouped together in a haphazard way and navigation back to the
main menu and previous shows frustratingly hard to find.

But overall, the program is a really fine example
of how to do video in the Web. The most recent edition of Richard Bangs Adventure, called Searching for Panama’s Pirate Past, is loaded with really interesting
video pieces and accompanying material. It’s really an immensely rich online experience. I recommend you take a moment
and experience these pieces for yourself. I think any traveler worth his salt will see in them a glimpse of the future.

Also check out the two previous Adventures:
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as they search for the legendary viper’s pit in Panama.