The Bluelist

I need to call out a book again that I’ve recently
been taking another look at. The idea behind Bluelist is simple, and the chances are if
you are a travler that you get it. To Bluelist something, as the Lonley Planet folks put it, "is the travel
equivalent of ‘you should see my guy, he’s the best". Basically, it’s recommending something about a travel
experience that you’re not going to find in a regular travel guide.  And perhaps ironically, in this case, these
experiences and places are suggested for you by the editors and writers at LP…who should know.

so the book is loaded with page after elegant page of tips, suggestions and recommendations from nooks and cities all
over the world. It’s good, and the kind of book you’d keep on your coffee table and thumb through while
half-watching a football game or something.

Now, if I have anything negative to say it’s that some of
the entries are sparse and much of the book lacks depth…at least the kind of depth you expect from Lonely Planet.
Now that may be the point, but when you read about a great trip like Overland Track in
you want o know more. I suppose they
expect that you will go to the (impressive) Bluelist Web site, or will Google the place on your own. Anyway,
that’s my gripe. Otherwise ,it’s a nice addition to the LP oeuvre.