New Species of Shark Discovered

ho, what do you know, diving fans. Just when you thought every species of shark was already known to man (OK, maybe you
didn’t think this, but sometimes it seems like we’ve already discovered everything) scientists
have found
a new shark species in
Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. 

The eager little fella (not pictured here) was found by a Postgraduate
student named Juan Carlos Perez who noticed the 5-foot long, dark gray-brown shark back in 2003 while hanging out on a
boat studying sharks. Ity was only recently, however that they checked through all the shark books, realizing, hey, we
ain’t seen this guy before
. They lucky grad student and his team named the shark Mustelus hacat, which means,
appropriately, "shark" in a local dialect. And about the earlier comment on new sharks being discovered: it
runs out that worldwide, marine biologists tend to discover two or three new shark species in any given year. So there
you have it.