Postcards from Trinidad: Nine

In efforts to keep the country clean and from reeking of urine this message can be found painted in the corners of the major transportation hub (City Gate), which I spotted when I first arrived. Being the slightly immature person I am I gained an enormous case of giggle gut and had to snap picture. It is only my guess that while they would prefer you not urinate on the streets at all, so long as you do it off the wall you’ll be okay. But what happens if you do? Well, being the lady that I am I won’t be able to answer that question for you and after seeing the sign my friend shared a story of a woman who protested the lack of restroom facilities by peeing in public on the streets of Port-of-Spain. What happened to the woman? I do not know. Since I’m on the topic and to cut it short men have it so much easier in this department and just remember the message when filling up your tank as we head into the weekend.