Bob Dylan's New York

He sang about New York like no other rocker. In fact, even
though he hailed from Minnesota, Bob Dylan sang about New York as if he was born here, and his music is so closely
associated with the city that it’s hard to think about his career without picturing him on the streets of the Lower
East Side.

Personally, I am a BIG Bob Dylan fan. I was in support of the efforts some years ago to give him
a Nobel Prize for Literature…or Poetry. Probably poetry. He deserves it. Seriously, go back and read some of
his  early lyrics and tell me they aren’t drenched
in brilliance. Sometimes when I walk around New York City (and I live very close to Bleecker, for example), I’ll put
Dylan on my iPod, and the two, like chocolate and peanut butter, just really go together.

All of this is to
prepare you for a very fine site I encountered recently that does exactly this, mixes the peanut butter (chunky-style)
of Dylan’s voice, with the smooth chocolate darkness of New York City. This site  features all sorts of links to Dylan’s life and work in
New York
. Give it a look. Pretty sweet.