Bullish on Budapest

My first solo trip outside the United States (and not
including various trips to Mexico…that is, a jaunt here or there to Tijuana) was a trip to Europe after college. To
be honest, I’d pretty much advocate sending your kids abroad by themselves as an integral part of their upbringing. And
you know what? I’d send them to Europe or Asia or South America BEFORE college. But all that is beside the point. What I
wanted to say is that on this first solo trip of mine to Europe, I had to make a choice. 1) go to Greece with a hot
Australian woman I met in the South of France and had traveled with for a week or 2) continue to a newly liberated
Eastern Europe, whose history I studied in school. Hmmmm…..what would YOU do?

Well, I opted for Eastern
Europe, and never saw the Aussie babe again. BUT I did get to see Budapest, and that experience alone was worth it. The
sight of the Parliament building along the Danube river, the bath houses, the wonderful little cafes. Goulash! Budapest
is great. And did I mention how beautiful the women are? Oh my.

And so, I offer you a fine piece that
delves into the beauty, culture, history and food of Budapest. They offer 12 places to see and experience in the
city…and sadly I haven’t seen most of them.