Outside Names New Editor

Most folks out there in the world don’t care
much about a changing of the guard at one of our premier outdoors magazines, but I live in New York, where any kind of
leadership shift in the world of publishing becomes gossip. Not much for me to report here on the gossip front, but
I’ll give you the straight news as I know it.

Fans of Outside
(and I suspect there are many among Gadling readers) might be interested to learn that Hal Espen, who has
been at the helm of Outside for seven years…

(a quick note: why do we always use helm when
discussing top editorial changes in publishing? And why is the page listing their names the "masthead" is
there some old maritime connection between publishing and sailing that I am unaware of?)…

uh, where
was I? Oh yeah, Hal Espen is leaving and being
with Christopher Keyes, whose coming in from Texas Monthly
(another fine magazine, by the way, even if you’re not a Texan). Now, again, no major gossip here. It just seems
like Espen wants to bail and get into freelance, probably write a book or something, perhaps about the challenges of
running a major magazine from New Mexico. Who knows?