GPS Guide

GPS has
taken the Darwinism out of travel.  Instead of the dumb and weak getting lost and dying in the wilderness as
perhaps nature intended, they can now find their way safely home. 

Whether this is a good thing or not, GPS is here to stay.  If you’re planning to join the club, however,
the vast array of GPS technology that’s out there can be daunting and figuring out what system to buy will indeed
make you feel like you are lost in the woods.  The New York Times is here to help.  They’ve
published a GPS for Dummies
guide that walks prospective buyers through finding the right system for their needs—needs that can vary greatly
between hikers, skiers, kayakers, city folk and others.  Does it come with maps?  Walkie-talkies? A big
enough screen?  Weather reports?  Cork screw? 

Each day these toys become more and more amazing, and I feel dumber and dumber trying to keep up with all
that emerging technology.  Darwin might have plans for me after all.