Traveling Book Clubs

I’ve never been a fan of tour groups unless they get me to a place I couldn’t reach on my own.  Otherwise, I avoid them like I would lepers in a hot tub.

I just ran across one outfitter, however, that perked my interest with a unique twist on the popular fad of book clubs.  Instead of just reading and discussing the book, Literary Affairs whisks clients to the locales in which the books take place.  Their upcoming tours include Prague & Budapest, Morocco, and Rome, Florence & Tuscany.  Unfortunately, the website mentions only the authors who will be covered on the Italy tour-Ernest Hemingway, Henry James, Lord Byron, and E.M. Forster among others.  I’m a big fan of Czech literature and can only guess that the list includes Kundera, Kafka, Havel, Capek, and Hrabal.  As for Morocco, I’ve no idea which authors would be represented.

The site also fails to mention who will be leading the book discussions.  If I’m dropping $1900 for the Prague tour, I’m certainly doing so with the hope that there is going to be a Slavic literature professor present to share his knowledge and not just some Oprah fan who finished the book last night.  So come on guys!  Update that website and give us the skinny.  Otherwise I’m going on my own.