Trinidad & Tobago Dispatch 6: Delicious West Indian Food

Yesterday my pen pal carried me down south to La Brea
where the famous Tar Pits are located and more importantly her family which I had heard so much about growing up in her
swirling and loopy young girl’s cursive. I only had the opportunity to meet half of when I was in town last time and she
told me her father was looking forward to meeting me and her mother wanted to feed me. Well, never did I imagine the
amount of food waiting for me. I’m certainly not the timid type when it comes to getting up in one’s refrigerator or
down on the local chow, but I also didn’t want to eat them out of house and home. I soon found out that would be nearly
impossible. Her mother had prepared a small West Indian feast and I would be sampling everything on the menu. Oh sweet

The majority of the food on my trip up to this point had been from Jenny’s, one of the pricier Chinese
restaurants in the area, KFC which somehow worked it’s way into being a local food and I believe the country has the
highest ranking/selling KFC in the world, and local dishes from many different restaurants, but nothing fresh out
someone’s mother’s kitchen. My heart was pounding and my taste-buds ignited and so excited I started to click my tongue
and tried hard to keep from drooling. Bring on the curried goat! Within moments of my arrival that’s just what happened.
Curried goat on my plate and her mother’s watchful eyes on me.

"Is the goat good? Is it too

All questions from her mother, but she really had no clue whom she was dealing with. I’ll eat
just about anything at least once and seeing her small snack was the most delicious of all the West Indian food I had
up until then there was nothing to worry about. After the goat she instantly supplied me with some muffins (Trini
style) and peppered mango. This particular mango was the dry kind and a bit sour at first, but once adjusting I
couldn’t get enough of it. Lici and I decided to take a brief intermission to head down to the La Brea’s beach (nothing
I really suggest seeing) and visit a few of her close friends in the area. Upon our return it was time for dinner. More
curried goat, beef, chicken, paratha roti, curried potatoes and channa, pumpkin, mango chutney, peppered mango
(different from before) and no utensils. It’s safe to say I over did myself during dinner. I was stuffed, but her
mother wanted me to try the peppered plum. For once I had to refuse. Any more consumption beyond that point would have
been a sin.

When I woke up the next day let’s just say I was overwhelmed by the amount of food served for
breakfast. Too avoid babbling any further let’s just say everything, especially the bake and saltfish was absolutely

My apologies for not having any photos of the food. I was too busy eating, but  feel
free to enjoy this shot of the beach in La Brea.