Don't Let the Bedbugs..or the Attorneys…Bite

posted about the rather unsavory epidemic of pestilence
occurring around the globe with bedbugs. Seems the wee little vermin are infesting even some of the nicer hotels 
around, and some folks are getting fed up with it.

One woman, reports the
Chicago Tribune
, has gone so far as to sue the hotel where she stayed with her husband in the Catskills. How much
are a few bedbug bites worth? Apparently some $20 million. The woman, Leslie Fox says BOTH her body and mind were
scarred after she suffered some 500 bedbug bites (OK, that’s more than a few) while staying at the 700-room Nevele
Hotel  last summer.

A quick commentary? Well, $20 million seems a bit much, and my guess is she’s not
gong to win the whole amount. It’s not like she spilled McDonald’s coffee on her lap or anything. And you do have
to question frivolous lawsuits…not that this is frivolous…but certainly all hotels should fumigate and do what they
need to do to eliminate bugs. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, but in the meantime, my suggestion
is to pack your toilet paper and a can of Raid.