Urban Explorers: Embracing the Buried and Abandoned

In response
to Erik’s post about Urban
Exploration, I offer up one of my favorite sites on the subject: www.infiltration.org.  Although Urban Exploration can simply mean the
exploration of a city, its true meaning is far more subversive.  Urban explorers actually explore areas of a city
that are closed to the public or otherwise condemned.  This includes abandoned buildings, sewer and utility
tunnels, storm drains, old factories, and pretty much anywhere else that has an easily climbable fence or a broken
window to worm through. 

We all did this as kids (storm drains being my specialty) but now this curiosity has manifested itself into
well-organized (but nonetheless illegal) clubs and organizations.  Infiltration.org is a wonderful resource for
finding a club or chapter near you.  Aficionados can hook up with fellow troglodytes and trespassers in Poland, Belgium, Detroit, Moscow, San Francisco, New
and countless other locations thanks to the site’s interactive map

There is also a link to those infamous college
across America.  Since students are routinely informed they would be expelled from school if ever
caught within these tunnels, you can imagine the allure.  I sadly chickened out and never did the ones at my
university, but thanks to this site, I can at least
explore them virtually today with degree firmly in hand.