Word for the Travel Wise (03/09/06)

We may have missed Malta’s Invasion of the
Lobsters fest, but there’s still time to make the other gastronomic happenings in the country. Want to experience the
authentic taste of Chiang Mai while in the Mediterranean or sip some of the finest red and white wines? Head over to
their gastronomic calendar of events to stay updated on the delicious food festivals going down on the island
this spring. With that snazzy introduction being given let’s hop right into the real meat of this blurb.

Today’s word is a Maltese phrase used in Malta:

Fejn huma t-tojlezz? – Where are the toilets

This probably seems like a rather large step into a lang we haven’t explored here at
all on Gadling, but no matter how tasty the food may be let’s remember it might not agree with everyone’s belly and for
this reason, during this time it is valuable travelers to Malta tuck this information away. If all goes well the food
and wine will all be great and to relieve your regular bodily functions you’ll still want to know the handy phrase.

BBC Languages Quick Fix allows one to
download essential holiday phrases like this to store in your mp3 player for the big trip ahead. You can hear audio of
some very basic words on their site as well. For a full run down on the history and a thorough section on survival Maltese head over to aboutmalta.com. I’m not too certain how much the survival
Maltese will be needed considering the country’s other official lang happens to be English and they happen to have
around 40 English learning language